Thanksgiving to Go!

Thanksgiving 2

‘Tis the season, but this recipe is one I pack almost every trip. Right now, being the holiday season, is a good time to stock up on instant mashed potatoes and stuffing mix and throw some extras in your backpacker pantry. It is warm comfort food that can be enjoyed on a cold day hike lunch, or a toasty end to the day in camp. I have tried using FD turkey, but it tends to take longer to re-hydrate and has a chewier texture, so I switched back to FD chicken.

Thanksgiving to Go!

1/2 cup turkey flavored stuffing mix

1/2 cup roasted garlic instant mashed potatoes

2 tbsp dry turkey gravy mix

3/4 cup freeze dried chicken

Dash of thyme

Coarse black pepper (optional)

Mix the stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, dry gravy mix, and pepper in one freezer bag.

Add FD chicken and thyme in a second freezer bag.

In camp: Add about 1 1/2 cup of hot water to stuffing and potatoes. Knead well, making sure there is no dry spots. Add about a cup of hot water to the FD chicken. Let both set in cozy for about 5 minutes to re-hydrate. Check the stuffing/potatoes and add more water from the chicken, if needed. Drain excess water from chicken and add chicken to the stuffing/potatoes.

Note: If you want to get fancy, you can make the gravy in your pot after adding the water to your food. I generally skip that step and just add the dry mix in. It gives it flavor, but also leaves out having to clean more than my spoon.

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